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Be yourself, but don’t abuse the love

Being yourself means so much more than just “accepting my flaws”. We are all flawed in some ways, there’s a darkness of human nature that no one can escape from.

But being your lover doesn’t mean they are obligated to endure your hurricane on a daily basis. Love is bright and full of rainbow and happiness. It’s suppose to be that one thing we run toward to when we feel the world is collapsing on us. Occasionally there are slips and falls, but it supplies us with strength to fight back and pick ourselves/significant other back up again.

Be that sunshine in your love’s life. Just like everything else, love needs a balance of give and take. 

The ex vs. Mr.present

I have once heard about a theory that in love, we all just have one cup of water. With every relationship/breakup we go through, some of it is spilled and never regained. So some people become “loveless”, the feeling of numb and incapable to love anymore.

Though some disagree, and they say that with every relationship it’s a brand new beginning. They always have a new cup full and waiting for their new lover, like a heart without any scars.

I’m not sure which type I am. Maybe I even have my own theory. That in the beginning we are the cup that’s somewhat not complete. But with time and effort, our new lover heals our wounds and help to fill our cup of love back to full again!

Well, what do you think?


Anonymous asked:

So I'm dating this new guy for a few weeks. Some of my friends say we are very cute together, but I've heard rumors that some of his friends think i'm not "pretty" enough for him... he's quite popular (tall, handsome)... idunno i feel very insecure now whenever he talks to other girls who are better looking than me...what do i do, help!

Hi dear,

Always remember only listen to the ones that matter, and in this case the one that matters loves you and chose you, so in his eyes you are already the best he ever wanted, what do you need to be afraid of?

Appearance is just one of many things that make us beautiful. Your best accessory is actually how confident you are in being you! It makes you glow and naturally attracts people towards you. 

Don’t worry about being the prettiest girl around him, but try to be his sunshine that brightens up his day, try to be his bestfriend when he needs a heart to listen, and try to be his shelter when he needs a place to heal.

Those will make you beautiful, my dear.


Anonymous asked:

hi . I could use some advice. my ex and I broke up over a year ago, a couple months after the breakup, we talked about getting back together but he decided against it. as much as ive tried to move on .. I cant. recently, my ex has been texting me a lot and weve even started flirting again (but we are both really flirtatious people normally). should I hold out a couple more months and see if he comes around, or should I just give up al together and keep trying to move on? I want him back, but idk

Hi Dear,

Before you decide to choose your path, first ask yourself, what was the reason you guys broke up in the first place, and if you guys were to rekindle again, will this problem eventually rise up again (eg. personality, value, beliefs)? If yes, then I suggest don’t waste your time and energy, move on.Time usually can wash away the pain and somehow we only remember the sweet times, but it doesn’t mean what was broken is fixed. 

If it is something that can be overlooked, figure out why all the sudden he has changed his mind? Did he recently break off with someone and all the sudden remembered you, or did he figure out something new?

Regardless, even though the old person might feel more “secure” than finding someone new, but you still can run into the chance of getting your feelings hurt all over again. Be cautious dear.


Anonymous asked:

I've been w/ my bf for 3½ yrs. He’s been sexting another girl. They met on Tumblr & she’s in another state but they've been saying I love you. I confronted him. He didn't deny it, he’s answered all questions I have,& I can tell he’s ashamed. I know it’s flattering & exciting to do that w/ other people so I get it. It’s been 3 days & it’s still bothering me. Am I making a bigger deal than it is? I won’t break up w/ him. I still love him & he’s my best friend. Advice on how to get over it?

Hi Dear,

Well, one thing to clear up the situation first is that: sexting is JUST as bad as the physical form of cheating. He needs to realize that and even if he thinks he didn’t commit a crime since no physical action had undertaken, the emotional trauma and your ability to trust him, these things cannot ever be taken back.

Of course, everyone makes mistakes. Some can be more severe and deadly than others. It’s up for the two people in a relationship to decide whether or not they want to work together and fix it, or leave it.

Since you want to be able to forgive him, you first need to make sure he knows how serious this matter is to you, to your relationship. Cool things off for a few days/weeks to let him know how hurt you were, and how close he was to wreck you guys forever. And know that if there’s a second offense, there won’t be a second chance again.

Slowly, let him work for it to regain your trust. But don’t try to go through his phone 24/7 because that is just going to drive him away quicker. Give him the freedom, and expand your social circle a bit to make him “jealous” a bit once in a while too! I’m not talking full on action but just don’t make him your entire world. 

Guys are predators in nature, if they think they haven’t completely got you, then that’s a prey that he will not stop chasing after with his full on attention ;)

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